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Theatre Works (2023)

What does it take to nurture a blossoming utopia? A clique of young anarchists burrow deep to find out…

Trash Pop Butterflies, Dance Dance Paradise speaks to our current fears, anxieties & hopes around the climate crisis, with some tongue-in-cheek fun amidst impending doom. Drawing from the fantastical and the absurd, the world of this play champions the power of youthful dreams—where anything that is imagined can become real. For in the face of mass catastrophe, perhaps the ability to imagine new worlds is our last saving grace. And when you feel small and powerless, the least you can do is laugh back and dance.

Part theatre, contemporary dance, and Riot Grrrl fanzine come to life, this riotous, comedic, and high-energy performance is a celebration of eco-feminist rebellion.

Creative Team

Writer - Maki Morita

Director - Amelia Burke

Producer - Agnese Perri

Set and Costume Designer - Jessamine Moffett

Lighting Designers - Giovanna Yates Gonzales & Tessa Atkinson

Sound Designer & Composition - Laura Strobech

Choreographer - Alec Katsourakis

Dramaturg - Noemie Huttner-Koros

Stage Manager - Emily Rose


Hayley Edwards, Margot Tanjutco, Myfanwy Hocking, Vivian Nguyen & Alana Louise


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