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TILT Festival 2018 and Adelaide Fringe 2019

Every minute, 83,000 people around the world are having sex. 83,000. Every minute. That’s 4.9 million people every hour. And that’s just humans. What about other animals? And insects? Fun fact: did you know, after sex, the female Praying Mantis voraciously chews the male’s head off?

That’s messed up. Or is it? See, Debbie doesn’t know. All this sex and Debbie really has no idea.

Cookies and Cream delves into the hot mess that is sex culture today. In a world exploding with dinky-tickling, jiggery-pokery and doing the matrimonial polka; how and when do we learn to communicate with partners about sexual pleasure?

Creative Team: 

Director & Devisor: Amelia Burke 

Writer: Zachary Sheridan 

Performers and Devisors: Tamara Creasey, Christopher Moro, Zachary Sheridan and Elise Wilson 


"Smart, screamingly funny, did-she-really-SAY-that-ish, snappy, crackly and poppy, it's the antidote to whatever ails you." David Zampatti, Seesaw Magazine

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