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Midsumma Festival (2022) & forty five downstairs (2022)

A clock turns backwards. A baby has lasers for eyes. A talking butterfly materialises in midair.

Trash Pop Butterflies, Dance Dance Paradise (TPBDDP) follows three young anarchists - Kitty, Moon & Pepper - seeking a revolution in the face of climate catastrophe. Part theatre, contemporary dance, and Riot Grrrl fanzine come to life; Maki Morita’s anarchic and experimental work is about what it might take to create something beautiful and new out of ecological collapse. 

TPBDDP was part of the 2022 Midsumma Festival but due to Omicron, the team had to cancel the live season and pivot to a digital outcome. The production is available for viewing upon request. 

Creative Team

Writer - Maki Morita

Director - Amelia Burke

Set and Costume Designer - Oliver Lacoon Williamson

Lighting Designer - Giovanna Yates Gonzales

Sound Designer & Composition - Laura Strobech

Choreographer - Alec Katsourakis

Production Support - Spencer Herd


Zoe Resnick, Deirdre Khoo, Hayley Edwards, Milo Hartill & Romaine McSweeney

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