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All His Beloved Children

Kings Cross Theatre on Broadway, May 5-20 2023

A dark and dangerous comedy that pays homage to the creation stories of all the world’s religions. This playful modern myth is a feast full of sex, violence, depravity and the creator’s first children.

It’s a violent play but its message is peace. We all come from the same roots. Your book is my book. We are all the same. Pack your tissue and don’t tell Him.

Creative Team

Writer - Frieda Lee

Director - Amelia Burke

Producer - Zoe Hollyoak

Assistant Producer - Breanna Boyd

Set Designer - Adrienne Andrews

Costume Designer - Monique Langford

Lighting Designer - Frankie Clarke

Sound Designer - Daniel Herten

Props Maker - Daniel Mackenzie

Stage Manager - Justice Georgopoulos


Tel Benjamin, Melissa Gan, Sam Hayes, Lukas Radovich & Kavina Shah

All His Beloved Children was nominated for Best Direction of an Independent Production (Amelia Burke), Best Performance in a Supporting Role in an Independent Production (Tel Benjamin), Best Stage Design of an Independent Production (Adrienne Andrews) and Best Lighting Design of an Independent Production (Frankie Clarke) at the 2023 Sydney Theatre Awards. 

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